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The Kaspar Family is proud to own a little piece of Main Street Panguitch with the Two Sunsets Hotel. Roger and Ruth and their six children have deep roots in Panguitch. Ruth's father, "Jimmie O." Henrie, was raised here, as were both of his parents. His father's childhood home was the first in town to have indoor running water and still stands near the town baseball field. His maternal great-grandparents had a home right on Main Street on the lot that is now the small park directly across from the hotel. The current family home was built in 1897 by Ruth's great grandfather, fashioning the red bricks himself. Ruth's father and grandmother were both born in the upstairs bedroom. Related to many Panguitch residents, conversations often center on figuring out common ancestry. 
The hospitality business was not the original career plan for either of the Drs. Kaspar. Roger is a biochemist and continues to work on therapeutics for rare skin diseases. He has started a couple of small biotechnology companies and is a former BYU professor. He loves South American culture and recognizes the similarities between Peru's highlands and the Panguitch climate. He is researching the viability of several varieties of quinoa right here in town, and his beloved llamas enjoy local pastures. Ruth is an audiologist in private practice and also taught audiology at BYU. She enjoys singing and has been a choir director for many years. The family enjoys hiking and rock hounding all over Southern Utah. Check out some of their finds at the family rock shop when you visit the Panguitch Gem Theater for tamales, homemade ice cream, or a movie. 
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